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Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch

819 West Waldo Ave., Independence, MO 64050



The Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch facility is owned by Center Place Restoration School.  The branch rents from the school, and has use of the building on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.


See the Center Place Restoration School Web site

for school information.  Contact the school office (816-252-1715) to schedule use of the building other than Sundays and Wednesdays.



Original letter of understanding:




819 West Waldo Avenue

Independence, MO 64050

(816) 252-1715


The Center Place Restoration School is a school and church facility which was purchased by the Restoration Saints at large in October, 1991.


The Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch was organized in December, 1991 to meet certain legal requirements of the City of Independence.  The Branch occupies the sanctuary and several other rooms (gym and cafeteria, etc.) as designated by the Board of Trustees of which its Pastor is a permanent member.


This Branch's goals, besides promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ, is to support CPRS financially and spiritually, as well as to instill in the students Christian values and Zionic goals.


In the event of the sale of this facility, the Center Place Restoration School Board of Trustees hereby agrees to grant the Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch the first option to buy.




________________________            ____________________

Roger Gault, President                       Garry Piatt, Pastor

CPRS Board of Trustees                    Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch






Two original letters were signed and dated 4-11-94.  One was placed with the official CPRS Board Minutes.  The other was given to the Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch to be filed with the branch documents.